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An experienced developer looking to excel in a Staff/Lead Engineer role. I have a strong background, am enthusiastic about creating new solutions, teaching others, and ensuring project completion.

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Summary of Qualifications

  • Over 7 years of professional experience in the software development industry, working with projects of varying sizes, from startups to tech giants.
  • Proven expertise in React Native, JavaScript, and various programming languages.
  • Strong focus on user experience, design systems, and unit, integration, and E2E testing.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, with experience in public speaking, content creation, and mentoring.
  • Dual Brazilian and Italian citizenship, open to national and international opportunities.

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Professional Experience

A showcase of the companies I’ve worked for and some of the projects that came from it


/ 2023


/ D-ID (Tel Aviv)

Senior Software Engineer

React Native / Expo

At A.Team, I'm part of the D-ID team, an artificial intelligence platform that simplifies video creation. Our clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to marketing agencies, production companies, social media platforms, e-learning services, and independent content creators. While the web app has over 1.5M registrants per week, and 1.5M videos generated per month, the brand new mobile app I'm building is considered the company's core product.


/ 2022


/ Groundswell (California)

Senior Software Engineer

React / React Native / Node.JS

X-Team collaborates with major global brands, including Coinbase, Riot Games, Fox Broadcasting, Twitter, Sony, Intel, Beachbody, Kaplan Inc., and more. At X-Team, I'm part of a fintech in California focused on creating a donation platform for companies and their employees. My primary responsibility is the development of the main app, built using React Native. Given the financial nature of our platform, we adhere to stringent security standards, including SOC2 compliance. Key Achievements: - Test Coverage Improvement: Elevated code coverage from 30% to over 80%, rectifying 100% of the previously broken tests, ensuring top-tier software quality and reliability. - Testing Infrastructure: Introduced Mock Service Workers, resulting in the removal of over 16,000 lines of redundant and unreliable test code. - Optimizations: Successfully refactored and enhanced numerous screens, notably boosting the performance of the Discover page by 200%. - Open Source Contributions: Contributed to open-source communities, such as reanimated. Notably, I developed an eslint plugin that prevented crashes due to rendering errors we had consistently. - Value Delivery: Delivered dozens of features and epics from inception to completion, including the migration of these features to the BEAST project, our major internal overhaul. - Internal Culture: Initiated the engineering forums culture with the Mobile Engineering Biweekly, where we discussed potential code improvements and issues, resulting in actionable insights. Skills: GraphQL · TypeScript · JavaScript · Node.js · React Native


/ 2022


/ Kustomer (New York)

Senior Software Engineer

React / Node.JS

At Meta, I work within Kustomer, a platform that allows businesses to manage all their communication channels in one place. Here, I develop applications and provide feedback on UX to improve the platform. Currently, I am working on a design system that will be open-sourced, enabling external developers to develop standardized applications that align with our brand. This makes our application review process easier, provides a better, faster and more consistent development experience, and offers a more consistent application experience for end-users.


/ 2020

Zé Delivery

/ Anheuser-Busch InBev

Frontend Engineer III

React / React Native / Node.JS

Zé Delivery is Brazil's largest beverage delivery app, with millions of users, powered by Anheuser-Busch InBev. In this role, I contributed to the development of a better user experience in the main application as part of the Consumer Purchase team, focusing on improving user price perception and conversion. During this time, I reduced technical debt by refactoring the "browse" feature, which accounted for about 1/3 of the application, significantly decreasing development delivery time. I also developed a robust implementation for handling deep links, boosting our marketing campaigns, and assisted in creating Mozeic, our design system that is currently under construction. Additionally, I interviewed potential team members and created a new API for our Code Challenge using Node.js.


/ 2019

Alfred Delivery

Software Engineer

React Native / Node.JS

Alfred Delivery is a delivery app focused on more miniature cities and remote areas in Brazil. It currently has franchises in over 90 cities. I was responsible for maintaining and adding minor features to our production app in Ionic 3. After a few months, I got to rewrite the app in React Native, entirely revamping the interface while drastically improving performance.


/ 2015

Micro Import Group

Full Stack Developer

React / Node.JS / PHP

Micro Import is a Premium Apple Service Provider in Brazil, inside the state of S√£o Paulo - The best and first one in the region. While there, I got to go from an authorized technician to a developer in 2017. As a first development-focused job, it was under my umbrella, making from ground-up WordPress templates for all companies in the group and internal management software.

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Publications & Media

Host at the Space Cast Podcast:


Medium articles on programming:


I’ve also given talks at large events about Technology and Leadership such as Assemble (3 day immersion focusing on forming Tech Leads) and The Developer Conference on Design Systems.

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Some of the competitions I’ve participated in over the time


First place


Global Legal Hackathon SP


First place


M√£o na Cevada


Second place




Second place


Prêmio Jovem Inovador




NASA Space Apps Challenge RP

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